A to Z 2014

A to Z 2014
A to Z 2014

Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yin and Yang

The little boy shrieked and wriggled as his mom tried to force him in to the childs seat of the grocery cart.  His orange T-shirt, two sizes to large, was obviously a hand-me-down as were the pair of green courderoy pants that most likely came from a second hand store. 

As for the woman, her thin dark hair hung lank around a pale face devoid of makeup.  Her ragged jeans, grubby sweatshirt and holey tennis shoes completed an unflattering picture of a young mother with too little money and too little patience.

"Noooo" wailed the boy, his crys escalating in volume.  As his mother grabbed his arm she gave him a quick shake and hissed in his ear to, "sit down and shut-up or else."   The decibal level of the boy's cry's subsided but he continued to sob as his mother used the already dirty T-shirt to wipe his runny nose.

Diane grimmaced as the pair disappeard down Aisle 1. She had been a cashier at Save-A-Lot long enough to see all kinds walk through those doors.   The sound of a screaming kid always pushed her buttons, it was like nails on a blackboard.  But it was the young mom she was angry with.  How dare she treat her little boy so mean and especially in public!  "I'd like to shove her in one of those carts," she thought to herself.

Just then an elderly gentleman shuffled up to the counter to pay for his groceries.  "Hi Diane, how are you today?"  "Hi Mr. Sottle, can't complain.  How about you?"   They made small talk as she rang up his purchase and when he turned to leave he handed her a $20 bill and asked if she would please use it to help, "that young lady with the crying baby. Always makes me sad to see a young family have such hard times."

Diane felt her face redden as she took the $20 offered by Mr. Sottle.  "That is might nice of you, and thanks for reminding me that sometimes those less fortunate need a little help."  Ashamed for her lack of insight she pulled a $20 out her purse to match Mr. Sottle's.



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  1. Wonderful story and a great Y letter post. Enjoyed the read,