A to Z 2014

A to Z 2014
A to Z 2014

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Blank Piece Of Paper

A blank piece of paper can be an opportunity to express one's self or it can be a deterent to that very experience.  I stare at the white square with a look of horror, aware that today it is my nemesis.

So I read for awile waiting for inspiration to strike.  No luck.  Okay, I'll watch some TV and see if words don't come.  Again nothing.  Now I'm really getting desperate.

So I sit in my favorite chair zoning out and watching the wildlife outside.  Did I mention it's only fourteen degrees?  Granted most of it is chickadees and titmouse but I find myself mesmorized.  Then I become aware of how many types of woodpeckers there are.  Downeys, Ladderbacks, Hairy and Yellow Bellied. Then I see it.  A Pileated that is gripping a deer carcass that my bettet half put up.  I laughed when he hung it thinking how bizzare it looked but he was right and I was wrong.

You always read how prehistoric they look and it is so true.  Watching that red and white stripped head and that big gray body is awe inspiring.  They rear back their head and drive it forward to get the fat left hanging on the rib cage.  Then they fly off to the nearest ttee and hop out of sight.  Pretty soon they appear back on the carcass and start the process again.

It's a world unto its self and one that I am lucky to see.