A to Z 2014

A to Z 2014
A to Z 2014

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lethal Library

This is the first time I've joined in this bloghop.

The rules are simple: there is a photo prompt and five randomly generated words

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story

2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.

3) You have until next Tuesday to link up your post.
4) Link up with your blog hostess (Nicole, Carrie, Tena or Leanne) when you’re done via the inLinkz linky below.

5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.
(Randomly generated) Mandatory Words:






Come on Mickey, quite screwing around," Ben said in a raised whisper. He had searched the entire library for his younger brother and was now making a second round.

"Mom is going to wring my neck," he muttered to himself. Ben's mother was a concert pianist with the Minneapolis Symphony and she had rehearsal this afternoon. Her last words when she dropped them off were, "Be waiting out front at 3:00 p.m. sharp and don't make me have to come inside." It was now 2:45 and Mickey was no where to be seen.

Ben was walking down one of the aisles when a scrap of white paper caught his eye. It was sticking halfway out of a book and he could see writing on it. Curious, he pulled out the book and glanced at the cover; The World's Most Deadly Poisons." The white paper proved to be a McDonald's napkin and hand written in blue ink were the words "Mole Hole, full moon, die sinners." Underneath that someone had written "Kr"in big bold letters. Ben wasn't sure what he was looking at but it seemed vaguely ominous and he wondered if he should show somebody. Conscious that he only had a few minutes before his mom arrived he stuffed the napkin in his pocket and made a bee-line for the front desk arriving there just as his brother came around the corner. "Where have you been jerk, I've been looking all over for you?" Mickey started to protest but Ben gave him a shove and told him to go wait outside while he checked out the book that he'd found the napkin in.

After getting dropped off at home, Ben pulled the paper from his pocket. On a hunch he got out the phone book and looked up Mole Hole. Sure enough listed in the business section was Mole Hole along with a street address and phone number. Going to the internet he googled, Mole Hole - Minneapolis and then clicked on the link. A picture of a large building with no windows and a neon sign that said live dancers, adult entertainment came up. He then did a search for dates of full moons in 2013 and the closest one was Saturday, May 25th. Ben's uneasiness ratcheted up a notch. "Don't be stupid," he told himself, "killers don't go around writing their plans down and then leaving them in library books." Remembering he had brought the book home he started looking through the pages and he realized with a start that that the chemical symbols on each page were similar to the two letters on the napkin he'd found. Holding his breath he leafed through until he saw "Kr - Krypton". "Krypton a colourless, odourless, gas is classified as a simple asphyxiant. Inhalation in excessive amounts can result in dizziness, loss of consciousness and death, which may occur in seconds without warning ." He felt a chill run through him as he grabbed his cell phone to call his mom.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Angela:) My 1st shot at Writer Wednesday Blog Hop and it was fun.

  2. He sounds like quite a resourceful young lad. I hope his mum agrees and they are able to save anybody from any sinister activities.

    1. Another 200 words and he'd have saved the day(ha-ha).

  3. I'm amazed by how many meme's I'm finding that I didn't know existed before the a-z and the subsequent road trip. I've tried to make reminder notes for later after the challenges are over.

  4. Me too. Kind of like having a credit card, I could get in over my head:)

  5. I can't believe I never saw this until now. I had no idea it was your first entry for the writing prompt. Well done! Look forward to seeing more from ya!

  6. Thanks Cindy:) I've been lazy and have written anything lately so your comment will help motivate me.